Aydın Öğüt

18.12.2022 - 16:56

Trough the Eyes of a Structural Designer

18.12.2022 - 16:56

The Adventure of an Idea Turning into a Reality

Before starting the adventure of my designing process, I think we need to clearly define the concepts related to designing so that we can better understand what, why, and how we create a new product or design a process. For this, I will first try to explain where the concept of this design comes from, what the design criteria are, and the design process concept of an idea that develops with the Design Thinking Approach as much as I can. 

What is Design?

As a designer, before I tell you how an idea turns into a concept design process, I think I'll make a much better start if we start by answering "What is design?" So what is design then?

The term "design", which started its existence with the word "disignare" in Latin, which means to point out an object or situation that distinguishes itself from others and makes a difference, entered French as "dessiner" and Italian as "designo" during the Renaissance era. Later, it was introduced into English, the most common language of the world, as "design". Although it entered Turkish as "Desen" (drawing or figuration) in the Journal of Ottoman Society of Painters (1911), it is translated into Turkish as "design" because it corresponds to shaping or envisioning an idea or a concrete product in the mind in terms of meaning and action. The general meaning of the design, which corresponds to all these phrases, is to produce something new, regardless of its purpose, within certain plans.