22.06.2022 - 15:06

Arçelik- Intenseye Partnership Case

22.06.2022 - 15:06

Collaboration Information

Business Unit: Arçelik / Industrial Robotics - Manufacturing Technologies 
Date: 2019
Method: PoC, Becoming a customer (Purchasing/Leasing Products), R&D Partnership
Topic: Autonomizing occupational health and safety audits with AI-based video analytics solutions in Arçelik production facilities; detecting risky movements with cameras.

A new set of controls needed in white appliances production facilities were added to the platform developed by Intenseye and, 60 cameras were installed in the facilities in Çayırova and Eskişehir. It is decided to expand it to all other enterprises in Turkey and, investments were initiated.

Collaboration Output

The digital occupational health and safety platform developed by Intenseye has been started to be used 24/7 in Arçelik Turkey enterprises.

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