22.06.2022 - 15:37

Arçelik - Peoplise Partnership Case

22.06.2022 - 15:37

Collaboration Information

Business Unit: Arçelik / Arçelik / Talent Acquisition Team & Employee Experience and Employer Brand Team
Date: 2019
Method: Becoming a customer (Purchasing/Leasing Products)
Topic: Evaluation tools used in recruitment processes (online English exam, general talent exams, case exercises) and mass recruitment processes. It is also used for onboarding processes.

We had to use different websites for the exams we had been applying for during the recruitment process before. (we use different exams from multiple sub-providers) With the Peoplise agreement, we can send all the exams from a system and see all the application results on the profiles of the candidate. (Between January and December 2020, the number of candidates submitted for exams via Peoplise is 5620.) Within the Personal Data Protection Law agreement term, the system also maintains candidate profiles, allowing us to see if candidates have previously participated in another application and, if so, their results. This frees the talent acquisition team from the burden of storing the data and keeping the excel files. At the same time, with the process flows we have created in Peoplise, if the candidate has passed an exam, we can automatically move to the next stage and save a great deal of time. 

In addition to that, we can easily execute the process through Peoplise in recruitment processes where we receive a lot of applications, such as in internship period or event organizations. In large volume recruitment, we can collect applications, make assessments, submit our exams and share our offers to potential candidates through a single platform. The total number of applications for the Fresh Start Internship Program in 2021 is 20,835 and, such a large candidate pool is managed through Peoplise.

We are one of the first companies to use onboarding in Turkey. We're the pilot and first company in the Koç Group. The candidate uploads his documents through the system and experiences the digital environment. Without depending on the individuals, all task notifications go automatically to related teams such as administrative affairs to allow them to start their preparations. Thanks to the tools such as surveys, we can obtain feedback. 

Collaboration Output

It is a platform where we manage the evaluation tools we use in our recruitment processes and use them in our collective recruitment processes. The information needed for the candidate to have a good onboarding process is done through the document collection, document sharing tool.

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