22.06.2022 - 14:21

Arçelik- Telegrapher Loudspeakers Partnership Case

22.06.2022 - 14:21

Partnership Information

Business Unit: Arçelik/ Supply Product Directorate
Date: 2019
Method: Product Development Partnership, Becoming a Customer
Topic: Receiving acoustic expertise support during the development phase of the products that will introduce to the market under the Grundig brand in the Consumer Electronics category

We put the customer at the center in all our projects, although the expectations for audio equipment are very varied, the most important expectation is that the sound quality should always be high level. Though, sound is known to be a subjective matter. It is an area of expertise with very serious engineering work behind it. In this context, as of April 2019, we met Telegrapher Labs while the ITU was still in incubation and, since then we send every product we will commission to them to perform sound analysis first. As per their explanation, “fine-tune” is done on products and, we introduce them to market after their confirmation.

Partnership Output

Significant improvement of the sound quality of our products that is the most important expectation of the customer."

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