Celal Vatansever

Arçelik, Group Manager - MDA&TV Technical Evaluation and Quality

Technical head of Major Domestic Appliances and TV outsourcing business which is located in China. Co-Founder of Arçelik Garage. Angel Investor and Inventor of 55+ patents in various product group.

Research and Development
Product Development
Advanced Manufacturing
I love dealing with challenges and learning new things, so I had a great chance to work in various fields since 2006. I have MSc. degree in mechanical engineering and I have started my career in R&D. I worked in various positions and had the chance to develop a new product in all product categories which let me have 55+ patent applications. To enhance my business perspective I had MBA and it let me become one of the Co-Founders of Arçelik Garage. With this opportunity, I had the chance to develop innovation and startup engagement programs. By implementing Design Thinking and Lean Startup approaches we have created innovations that are sold 1 Mio+ all over the world. I personally like working with startups so I became an accredited Angel Investor. In 2021 I have chosen my new challenge as moving to China and becoming Technical head of Major Domestic Appliances and TV outsourcing business.


Mentorship with Innovation Champions 2022-1

“Mentorship Program with Innovation Champions” is a program that creates opportunity for startups to receive quality-mentoring from experts in their fields, get opportunity to validate your startup's value proposition and at the end of the of the program startup had chance to develop cooperation.