Merve Sena Doğan

Arçelik, Consumer Experience Management

I studied Business Informatics in German at Marmara University. I studied for a year at Johaness Kepler university where all my lecturers and professors were very known in informatic world. I got my English MBA degree from Maltepe Uni. At Arcelik, I am responsible for consumer experience, digital transformation projects. I also had the chance to take part in projects with start-ups. Now I am very happy to be part of Innovation champ program. I love being active, learning new subjects,

Business Development
Customer Experience
15 years of experience in Customer Care, Customer Experience, Information Technology, and Project management in the After Sales industry, mainly focusing on complex customer-centric solutions to maximize revenue, increase efficiency, reduce cost and create loyal customers for the brand thru digital transformation by utilizing, mobile, social media, IoT and Customer Experience solutions. Started my career in Deutsche Post /Bonn as Management Trainee in 2006, focused on the retail sales channel and web application management for e-retail. Responsibility was basically to find out innovative ideas for internet marketing, run feasibility analysis and prepare alternative decisions for the application. In the year 2007 moved to Istanbul to start with the BSH home appliance group and delivered great results in Technology, Application, and Channel Management mainly focusing on global customer care strategy and projects. For 10 years, reported global HQ while managing strategic projects mainly based on customer experience improvement. In 2010, managed an MBA degree and in 2013 was awarded as “PMP” by Project Management Institute after 6 months of hard work. In 2017 transferred to Arçelik for the commercial and strategical transformation program in the Customer Experience Department. Worked closely with the leadership team for a customer-oriented approach setting in Arçelik world under Omni Channel Customer Experience Program which was the largest transformation project in Turkey. Over a year worked closely with IT and business management of Arçelik to successfully deliver Omni Channel Transformation Project consisting of e-commerce, content management, service, sales, marketing, and integration of in-house systems. In 2018, started with the Global Customer care department as a customer experience development manager where 26 subsidiaries with 40 countries became responsible area. The aim is to build up customer-centricity in processes to improve perceived quality, integrated channel operations, and increase customer loyalty. Responsible for improving the overall experience of our customers in all our channels. (Web, Phone, Email, Social Media, Service Centers, in Store) The main focus is to create customer journey maps; to measure customers' perceptions on each touchpoint and to make measurements using in-house data and customer research data. Customer journey mapping tasks are to investigate the current state of our customers' experiences, identify areas of improvement, bring solution proposals, prioritize solutions to internal stakeholders, identify owners of priority solutions, and ensure that related business owners and teams are all involved. Responsible for developing the strategic and operational competencies needed to deliver a seamless customer experience across all contact points, as our company is a customer-driven retailer. In 2022, got responsibility for Global Consumer Experience Management as a direct report to CMO.


Mentorship with Innovation Champions 2022-1

“Mentorship Program with Innovation Champions” is a program that creates opportunity for startups to receive quality-mentoring from experts in their fields, get opportunity to validate your startup's value proposition and at the end of the of the program startup had chance to develop cooperation.