Ozan Güven

Arçelik, Group Manager-MDA6 Sourcing & Purchasing

As a Group Manager of China Purchasing and Global Major Domestic Appliance Outsourcing operation currently, i am managing a team of 21 under 4 different teams. We are responsible to coordinate raw material, components and production equipment operations in China together with Outsourcing operations. We are serving 28 Arcelik Plants and 30+ subsidiaries of Arcelik globally.

Innovation Champions
I am target oriented team member and I see myself as one of the members of our big family here in China. I have 15 years of total experience in purchasing, production and consultancy positions. I have mechanical engineering background and I have sharpened my business skills with an executive MBA. With 7 years Asia expatriate experience here in China, cross cultural relationships and managing the projects under big uncertainties are my strong muscles. Being a subsidiary manager allowed me to involve in every phase of any project and brought me a end to end focus. I am passionate about business development, with a talent for training and mentoring highly engaged team members and a focus on seeing results, I managed to deliver strategies in many projects including complicated M&A and greenfield investment projects in different parts of the world.


Mentorship with Innovation Champions 2022-1

“Mentorship Program with Innovation Champions” is a program that creates opportunity for startups to receive quality-mentoring from experts in their fields, get opportunity to validate your startup's value proposition and at the end of the of the program startup had chance to develop cooperation.