Secil Adiguzel

Beko, Northern Europe Business Development Manager

16 years of Sales and Business Development experience in Europe with multinational retail channels. Insightful data-driven management skills. Develop new business opportunities and improvement strategies.

Business Development
I have graduated from ITU Management Engineering and working in Arçelik since 2005. I have worked as Sales Executive for 12 years and was responsible for Baltics, Switzerland, Malta, and Balkans. Then I have taken business development management role in HQ for 4 years, where I was responsible for strategic alliances, international key accounts, and e-commerce. Since August 2021, I am working as a business development manager for Northern Europe and located in Germany (Beko Grundig Deutschland).


Mentorship with Innovation Champions 2022-1

“Mentorship Program with Innovation Champions” is a program that creates opportunity for startups to receive quality-mentoring from experts in their fields, get opportunity to validate your startup's value proposition and at the end of the of the program startup had chance to develop cooperation.