Arya Entrepreneur Academy

Arçelik, in collaboration with the Arya Women Investment Platform, has come together with the objective of elevating the presence of women within the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Under the ambit of this recent partnership, initiatives such as the 'Arya Entrepreneur Academy' and 'Arçelik Entrepreneur Workshops' have been introduced. These programs are geared towards fostering the enhancement of fundamental knowledge and skills among women, thereby offering support to women's entrepreneurial endeavors within the domain of technology. We extend an invitation to all female entrepreneurs to submit their applications for the program until October 15th.

Our objective with the Arya Entrepreneur Academy is to imbue entrepreneurs with foundational awareness and provide them with the vision essential for charting their horizons as they translate their business ideas into reality, oversee their ventures, and facilitate growth. The program, which spans a duration of 6 weeks, offers a comprehensive approach. It encompasses remote educational modules, complemented by weekly mentor meetings and supplementary live training sessions hosted on our online learning platform. You have the opportunity to submit your application for enrollment in the Arya Entrepreneur Academy program until the 15th of October.

  • Collection of Applications


  • Application Deadline


  • Announcement of Results


  • Program Commencement


  • Completion of Online Training

    21.10.2023 – 26.11.2023

  • Networking and Workshop Program – Physical


  • Program Conclusion and Graduation


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