BİGG Arçelik Garage

Are You Ready to Create the Home of the Future? We welcome all entrepreneurs who want to develop the entrepreneurship ecosystem together and offer innovative products and services to Arçelik Garage!

Get the chance to access TÜBİTAK's 200,000 TL grant support with Arçelik Garage support.

Entrepreneurs participate in the Acceleration Program, which provides training and mentoring from Arçelik experts on intellectual property, value proposition design, prototyping, material selection, hardware design, BIGG principles, business model design, business plan creation and investor presentation.

Within the scope of this free program, participants gain mentorship support from Arçelik experts, the right to produce prototypes up to 5K TL at Arçelik's new generation R&D center Garage, basic entrepreneurship training and business model mentorship from program partners.

Entrepreneurs who successfully complete the 2-month program are offered financial support up to 200K TL if they are selected for the 2nd stage of the TÜBİTAK BIGG program. BIGG Arçelik Garage, together with the ODTÜ  office, provides training and mentorship in two separate cities, Istanbul and Ankara.

Program Stakeholders:

  • Entertech (İstanbul University Technopark)
  • Gazi Technopark
  • Gebze Technical University Technology Transfer Office
  • Marmara University Technology Transfer Office
  • Maltepe University Technology Transfer Office
  • Okan University Technology Transfer Office
  • Ostim Technopark
  • Yeditepe University Technology Transfer Office

Expertise and Technology Focus Areas

Industry 4.0 and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Consumer Electronics and Smart Home Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

  • Receiving and Evaluation of Applications

    Entrepreneurs' applications are accepted within the scope of calls opened by Tübitak on certain dates. After the applications are completed, Arçelik Garage conducts a pre-selection within the scope of constraints such as the commercialization aspect/innovative aspect/team competence of the ideas.

  • Business Plan Trainings & Mentoring

    After the evaluation process, “Entrepreneurship” training is organized for entrepreneurs. In the training titles, there are main titles such as targeted market and competitors. At this stage, entrepreneurs prepare the summary document. At the end of the training, Bigg Arçelik Garage team conducts the pre-selection. After the pre-selection, the entrepreneurs receive business plan training and business plan mentoring through the Tübitak 1512 document and complete some of their business plans with their mentors on issues such as competitor analysis, market analysis, target audience, etc.

  • Technical Mentoring

    During the technical mentoring process, the entrepreneurs are supported on the current developments in the sector and technology, market trends, application methods, the technical feasibility of the entrepreneurs' business ideas and improvement suggestions. A large mentor pool has been created from Arçelik managers and technical leaders, and one-on-one meetings are provided by making matches according to the needs of the entrepreneurs.

  • BiGG Arçelik Garage Demoday

    Before the entrepreneurs submit their presentations and business plans to Tübitak, a final screening takes place. In this process, which is called Demoday, the jury consisting of Arçelik directors evaluates the presentations of the entrepreneurs.

  • Finance Plan and Budget Trainings

    The methods of filling in the relevant sections are explained with examples by going over the sections of "the nature of the business to be established and the estimated project cost forms, marketing plan and financial plan" in the business plans of the entrepreneurs.

  • Tübitak Business Plan Submissions & Tübitak Jury Entrepreneur Presentations

    Business plans of entrepreneurs are delivered through Prodis within the dates determined by Tübitak. After the delivery of the business plan, the entrepreneurs make physical presentations for the evaluation of their business ideas by the juries.

  • Announcement of Grant Support Results

    As a result of the Tübitak jury evaluation, our entrepreneurs, who are entitled to a grant of 200K TL, start to implement and commercialize their ideas within the scope of the dates and work packages they foresee.

"How Can We Support?"


Capital Support of 200.000 TL

It is one of the biggest supports across the country given to innovative ideas at the beginning stage. If you are successful, you can get 200.000 TL capital support as 100% non-refundable (grant) within the scope of TUBITAK BIGG.

Entrepreneurship Camp

During the basic entrepreneurship camp, you can receive training on lean startup, customer development, business model development, the simplest product and investor presentation.

Arçelik Garage Infrastructure

You can have the right to produce prototypes up to 5,000 TL at Arçelik Garage, which has the most competent advanced manufacturing technology in Turkey.

Business plan and Technical Mentoring

As a BIGG Arçelik Garage entrepreneur, you can have the opportunity to meet Arçelik Garage's mentors and experienced trainers in the business world, and you can safely carry out the verification studies required to commercialize your business idea.

What Happened at BiGG Arçelik Garage?

With the 2018-2020 BIGG Arçelik Garage program, 32 startups took their ideas to the next level and 10 people received grant support from Tübitak.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Answers to all questions about the programs are here!

As of the preliminary application date to the program, students enrolled in any associate, undergraduate, graduate or doctoral program and those who graduated from the program within a maximum of 10 years, previously received support under the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Techno-enterprise Capital Support or TÜBİTAK 1512 Program 2nd Stage. not to take part in the partnership structure of any enterprise as of the deadline, and not to be a member of Arçelik A.Ş. and its affiliates can apply to the BiGG Arçelik Garage program, provided that they do not have any employment contract.

Current program calendars are available on the BiGG Arçelik Garage website. The application process is carried out by filling out the application form on the website.

Persons who are in the partnership structure of any company cannot apply to the program between the pre-application dates specified in the call text of TÜBİTAK. If the company leaves the partnership structure before the application, an application can be made.

Entrepreneur Candidates can apply to the program with a single business idea.

Yes, they can submit their individual applications in line with meeting the application criteria.