BiGG3 supports early-stage startups in developing business plans and obtaining Tübitak's core funding support of 450,000 TL.

With the assistance of Arçelik Garage, ODTÜ Teknokent, and KWORKS, you can also apply for a TÜBİTAK grant worth 450,000 TL.

BiGG3 program provides training and mentoring services to techno-entrepreneur candidates who want to apply to TUBITAK 1512 Entrepreneurship Support Program (BiGG), as well as carries out the processes of writing business plans for entrepreneurs and submitting them to TUBITAK. Arçelik's industry and technology support, METU Teknokent's and KWORKS's high experience in the field of entrepreneurship, and the synergy created by the business network provide all-around support to all the needs of entrepreneurs.

If you want to bring the techno-enterprise concept to life, you can apply it to BiGG3, which is the most successful implementing organization.

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Expertise and Technology Focus Areas

Industrial Informatics

Smart Home Systems


High Performance Materials

Additive/Rapid Manufacturing & Machine Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence & Virtual/Augmented Reality

Cloud Computing & Big Data & Information Security

Electronic Systems & IoT

Wearable Technologies

Measurement-Test-Analysis & Decision Support Software

Audio/Image/Text Processing

  • Receiving and Assessment of Applications

    Tübitak accepts the applications of entrepreneurs within the scope of calls opened on certain dates. Following the submission of applications, the Bigg3 consortium conducts pre-selection within the scope of criteria such as the commercialization aspect, the innovative aspect of the ideas, and team competence.

  • Basic Entrepreneurship Training and Elimination by One Pager

    After the assessment process, a “Basic Entrepreneurship” training is organized for entrepreneurs. Training titles include main titles such as the market targeted and the competitors. Entrepreneurs create a "BiGG3 One Pager," a one-page summary document of their ideas, at this stage. At the end of the training, Bigg3 team performs the one-pager elimination.

  • Business Plan Trainings & Mentoring

    After the One Pager elimination, entrepreneurs receive their business plan trainings and business plan mentorships through Tübitak document number 1512. Entrepreneurs complete some part of their business plans with their mentors on issues such as competitor analysis, market analysis, target audience, etc.

  • Arçelik Technical Mentoring

    During the technical mentoring process, the entrepreneurs are supported on the current developments in the industry they address to and the field of technology, market trends, application methods, the technical feasibility of the business ideas of the entrepreneurs, and suggestions for improvement. A large mentor pool, consisting of Arçelik managers and technical leaders, is created, and one-on-one meetings are arranged by making matches according to the requirements of the entrepreneurs.

  • Presentation Trainings & Mentoring

    Entrepreneurs have to make presentations in person or with a video recording system for both the BiGG3 Demo Day and the assessment by the Tübitak jury. Entrepreneurs are given training on how to prepare for presentations and how to do an effective presentation in this context.

  • BiGG3 Demo Day

    A final elimination is carried out before the entrepreneurs submit their presentations and business plans to Tübitak. In this process, which is called Demo Day, the jury consisting of the directors from Arçelik-Metu Teknokent-KWORKS evaluates the presentations of the entrepreneurs.

  • Finance Plan and Budget Trainings

    The methods for completing the relevant sections in the forms are explained with examples following the sections on "the nature of the business to be established, estimated project cost forms, marketing plan, and financial plan" included in the entrepreneurs' business plans.

  • Announcement of Granting Results

    Our entrepreneurs, who are entitled to a grant of 200K TL as a result of the assessment of the Tübitak jury, start to implement and commercialize their ideas within the scope of the dates and business packages they have anticipated.

"How Can We Support?"


Education and Mentoring

As a BiGG3 entrepreneur, you can have the opportunity to meet the mentors and experienced trainers of Arçelik Garage, ODTÜ Teknokent, and KWORKS in the business world, and you can safely do the validation studies required to commercialize your business idea.

Capital Support of 450.000 TL

BiGG3 is one of Turkey's most significant early-stage supporters of innovative ideas. If you are successful, you will receive capital support of 450.000 TL as a 100 percent non-refundable (grant) within the framework of TUBITAK BIGG.

Incubation Center

When you qualify for TUBITAK capital support as a BiGG3 entrepreneur, you will have the privilege of taking part in METU Technopolis incubation centers.

Investment Opportunities

BiGG3 continues to support you not only during the BiGG program but also after it has ended. You may be able to receive investment from BiGG3's investor partners, allowing you to accelerate your company's growth.


BiGG3 1st Call Results

60 percent of BiGG3 ventures supported within the scope of the 1st Call of TUBITAK BIGG 2020 were entitled to incorporation by receiving a grant of 200 thousand TL.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Answers to all questions about the programs are here!

Students and graduates of any associate, undergraduate, graduate or doctoral program can apply to the BiGG3 program if they have not previously received support from the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology, Techno-enterprise Capital Support, or the 2nd Stage of the TÜBİTAK 1512 Program. Also, participants should not be included in the partnership structure of any company as of the application deadline.

The BiGG3 website has up-to-date program calendars. The application process is carried out by filling out the application form on the website.

Persons in any company's partnership structure are not eligible to apply to the program between the pre-application dates specified in TÜBTAK's call text. If the company leaves the partnership structure before the application, an application can be made.

At the first stage, it is possible to apply to the TUBITAK BIGG program with more than one business idea. However, only one business idea should be turned into a business plan during the business idea verification studies that we will carry out with training and mentoring support.

Yes, they can submit their own applications as long as they meet the application criteria.

It is planned in the accepted project to receive 40% of the deserved budget at the beginning of the project, 40% at the end of the first report, and 20% at the end of the project closing.