Innovation Booster

Innovation Boosters Program creates an opportunity for community to receive trainings on design thinking method and tools; learning facilitation core values, strategy; designing and organizing workshops.

After learning sessions, all community members will be able to facilitate workshops both in their departments and in programs of Garage Innovation Hub. Moreover, community will be gathering monthly with meet-ups and webinars in different subjects like innovation, customer experience, prototyping.

Innovation Booster Program Offers;

  • Offering guidance on effective methods for generating new & diverse ideas
  • Satisfying the evergrowing need for workshop facilitation expertise.
  • Encouraging a collaborative way of working throughout the company with ideation and collaboration methods.

Who Is It For ?

  • Role: Facilitation in participatory workshops related to their own job expertise
  • Target Nominees: Domain experts
  • Departments: Volunteers who will be using ideation & collaboration methods in their business