KWORKS BIGG helps early-stage entrepreneurs prepare their business plans and receive 450,000 TL core capital support from TUBITAK.

Bring your startup idea to life with the support of Arçelik Garage Innovation Hub and 11 KOÇ Group companies by accessing TUBITAK's 450,000 TL grant support!

KWORKS BiGG is a BiGG program run by a consortium of 12 Koç Group companies, led by Koç University Entrepreneurship Center KWORKS, to prepare entrepreneurs with high-tech business ideas for TÜBİTAK BiGG application.

Expertise and Technology Focus Areas

Cloud and Quantum






Retail and E-Commerce



Tourism and Real Estate

Aerospace and Aviation


"How Can We Support?"


450.000 TL

When you successfully complete the KWORKS BiGG program and are selected by TUBITAK, you can start your company with a grant of 450,000 TL

Training & Mentorship

In the KWORKS BiGG program, you can receive training and mentorship from the professionals of 12 Koç Group companies and KWORKS experts.

Implementing Organization Experience

You can bring your idea to life by taking advantage of the experience of Garage Innovation Hub, which has an acceptance rate of 75% in the BiGG program, and the experience of program stakeholders in the field of technology entrepreneurship acceleration and the sector experience of partner companies.

Investment Opportunities

You can have access to the extensive investment network of KWORKS BIGG program partners and be considered for investment from Koç Group Companies First Private Venture Capital Investment Fund.

Collaboration with Partners

You can conduct pilots, PoC’s and establish collaborations with leading institutions that are program partners in their fields of activity.

Post Program Support

After receiving grant support, you can participate in the acceleration programs of Arçelik Garage Innovation Hub and KWORKS BIGG program partners and continue your collaborations with these companies.