Mentorship with Innovation Champions 2022-1

“Mentorship Program with Innovation Champions” is a program that creates opportunity for startups to receive quality-mentoring from experts in their fields, get opportunity to validate your startup's value proposition and at the end of the of the program startup had chance to develop cooperation.

Free 1-on-1 mentorship session with one of Arçelik's domain expert, get support and learn from business leaders with your own challenge, The opportunity to validate your startup's value proposition, develop valuable relationships to a global corporation for the chance of a long term collaboration

“Mentorship Program with Innovation Champions” is a program that creates opportunity for startups to receive quality-mentoring from experts in their fields, get support and learn from business leaders;

  • The program starts with a 5-day Speed Matchmaking process.
  • Provides a 2-month long-term mentoring for matching start-ups and mentors.
  • It creates the opportunity for start-ups to receive mentoring from mentors in business development and technical fields.
  • At the end of the program Arçelik offers the opportunity to collaborate with business units.

Mentors, who have expertise in different fields such as Customer Experience, Finance, Sustainability, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Data and Artificial Intelligence, Product Management, Supply Chain, Home and Personal Care develop multi-directional solutions to different start-ups and towards the problems they encounter.

Expertise and Technology Focus Areas

Business Development

Customer Experience


Human Resources




Supply Chain

Product Development



  • Program Appllications

    1 - 28 February

    Startup applications of the program

  • Applications Closed

    1st March

    Program applications are closed

  • Selection of startups

    1 - 4 March

    Startup selections in the related field, regarding application criteria

  • Selection Announcements

    7th March

    Startups are informed that they will join the program

  • Mentorship Program Starts

    21st March

    Mentorship program starting date

Mentors & Jury


Technical head of Major Domestic Appliances and TV outsourcing business which is located in China. Co-Founder of Arçelik Garage. Angel Investor and Inventor of 55+ patents in various product group.


B.Sc. of communication. Department “Faculty of Engineering &  Master Degree In business [ MBA] major: International business


Experienced marketer with knowledge from many areas and different sectors and countries. Always try to understand whole environment and based on it deliver the most effective strategy with communication in different channels. Deeply understand sales & financial processes. Goal driven business operator able to get things done. Teamwork oriented, respecting different points of view.


I'm profecient in sales, marketing and product management field, go-to-market strategy, trade marketing, digital marketing.


Burcu Çıracı is an Industrial Engineer graduated from Sabancı University in 2017 with full scholarship. In 2019, she joined Arçelik Supply Chain Directorate as Logistics Engineer. Çıracı specializes in global logistics operations and is responsible for process improvements about secondary distribution and warehousing in order to support >30 subsidiaries of Arçelik. She led zero-based-budgeting implementation for Logistics& Warehousing category. She has developed strong project management skills.


Started as creative for advertising agencies quickly moved to launching own digital advertising agency that turned to full-scale agency specialized in digital UX in Prague, Czech Republic. With law, economical and IT majors' education worked on piloting start-up of e-reading in EU region and transforming major portals and news sites in the digital-first era in the CZ. Moved from external work for Beko in Prague in 2016 to manage marketing for Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Malta.


Specializes in product development and project management.


I'm a Product Manager with wide experience in Strategy and Product Roadmap. I have been working in Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances during last 10 years. My experience covers Product Management, Marketing, Trade Marketing and Consumer analysis in multinational companies. I am specialized in market research and competitors.


I always have a positive attitude in the face of difficulty and adversity. I like to interact with people. this was one of the reasons I dedicate myself to project management and continue my career in this direction throughout my life. I always listen deeply to people and try to understand them from different angles. I like to share my experiences with people and learn every day to keep myself moving forward.


I have rich experience in product mechanical design and manufacturing. I am willing to get any new technology or things from each other.


I'm a results driven professional with an experience in leading a high-performance team responsible for omnichannel marketing communication in consumer electronics industry. I have the ability to understand big picture concepts and to get into the details in order to implement them. The focus on the result, high social soft skills combined with analytical skills and ability to organize high-performance work team help me exceed set targets.


Process-driven, focus on optimizing business processes and managing different compliance and risk areas in the company


My name is Ketnarin Likitsirikul from Bangkok, Thailand. I've been working in Beko Thai for 4 years, started in trade marketing team responsible for price, profitability, e-commerce and business analysis. Then moved to I'm working in Business Development team in August last year. Fun-fact, I'm a food lover.


Technology enthusiast. Started software development in 1990 with Amiga as a hobby. I have developed and operated my own BBS system (asbross bbs) in 1996. After graduating from Istanbul Technical University as a computer engineer, I started my career in Arçelik in 1998 as IT Engineer.


Experienced in business process analysis and offering digital solutions, ERP systems implementations, IT management, Project management


I studied Business Informatics in German at Marmara University. I studied for a year at Johaness Kepler university where all my lecturers and professors were very known in informatic world. I got my English MBA degree from Maltepe Uni. At Arcelik, I am responsible for consumer experience, digital transformation projects. I also had the chance to take part in projects with start-ups. Now I am very happy to be part of Innovation champ program. I love being active, learning new subjects,


Hi I'am Eray Hobikgil! I am a Global HR Head in my professional life. I have solid experience on global talent management, M&A and greenfield projects and integration. I am a passionate amateur chef & photographer in my private life with a mission to discover nontouristical locations globally.


As a Director of Marketing and Product Management for Arctic Romania, I am currently managing a team of 25 product & marketing specialists grouped in 5 different departments (Brand management, Digital, PR, Product management, Customer marketing). Together with them, we are managing over 1000 products in 10 different categories, for three brands: Arctic, Beko and Grundig - from entry to premium category.


Process & Material Technology Team is focusing on digital transformation of manufacturing processes and re-designing of manufacturing process of Arçelik Global accordingly. We are carrying out projects which are based on digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Twin via FEA , Closed loop control systems to improve KPI’s related to Quality, SHE and Manufacturing Productivity. Digital Technology transformation is a journey.


Born in Istanbul on 21 July 1986. Team worker. Highly motivated, disciplined and hard worker with multi-tasking organizational skills. Likes traveling, reading, cooking, learning languages. Used to practice ballet and tango.


I'm a very positive person. Active and decisive. Pleasant to be part of new projects in a proactive manner. I like working and I love my job. Trying to learn something new every day many times thinking in "What to do?" "How to do?" I'm good, but my wife, my son and my daughter are the best. In summary: "Happy".


My name is Margarita and I am a Marketing Manager for the last 7 years working with Beko home appliances in Ukraine. My sphere of expertise is covering Marketing communications, including Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Trade Marketing as well as PR and Corporate communications.


As a Group Manager of China Purchasing and Global Major Domestic Appliance Outsourcing operation currently, i am managing a team of 21 under 4 different teams. We are responsible to coordinate raw material, components and production equipment operations in China together with Outsourcing operations. We are serving 28 Arcelik Plants and 30+ subsidiaries of Arcelik globally.


I have been working in operations since the beginning of my career and my favorite is supply chain system developing, adoptation of reporting system to company's needs, KPI settings. I try to optimize the process in order to minimize monotonous things.


16 years of Sales and Business Development experience in Europe with multinational retail channels. Insightful data-driven management skills. Develop new business opportunities and improvement strategies.


Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, found myself in Italy. Living in this colorful country, Italy since 2005 I can say that these 2 dominant Oriental and Occidental cultures made me ho I am today: creative but analytical, dreamer, and visionary but rational. My main motto is: "Do what you love. If you love your job, it's not job anymore. Continue to be curious and continue to learn. It's never late to learn and share your knowledge with everyone.


I'm leading all media and digital activities with the support of my team. Also, we support the Sales department with e-Commerce activations and content


Ceylin Yavuz

Responsible for global IoT product management and business development


Berhan Şenyazar

I have always been interested to create value from the intersection of technology and other fields. Currently, I am working to unlock the potential of AI for various business domains at Arçelik.

"How Can We Support?"



By participating in the Mentoring Program, you can meet with certified experts in Arçelik, choose the right mentor for you, and receive mentoring support for two months on the issues you will determine together. You can have conversations about all your problems on many different topics, such as commercializing your business idea, validating it, and reaching the customer.