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Innovative ventures (startups), companies, institutions, and individuals come together according to their competencies and needs, creating sustainable values within our innovation and entrepreneurship programs. With the programs available in the Garage Innovation Hub, you can carry out your venture to success step by step.

We welcome your applications to the program if you want to commercialize your patent, utility model, or design suspension applications that you think would be of interest to Arçelik.

Arçelik, in collaboration with the Arya Women Investment Platform, has come together with the objective of elevating the presence of women within the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

KWORKS BIGG helps early-stage entrepreneurs prepare their business plans and receive 450,000 TL core capital support from TUBITAK. Bring your startup idea to life with the support of Arçelik Garage Innovation Hub and 11 KOÇ Group companies by accessing TUBITAK's 450,000 TL investment support!

Garage Innovation Hub Mentorship is a program that creates the opportunity for startups to receive quality mentoring from experts in their fields, get the opportunity to validate their startup's value proposition.

The Acceleration Program 5G@EndTech, which will support the Production Sector Applications of national technology startups developing solutions with 5G infrastructure, is currently accepting applications from startups who want to develop solutions to live application issues in Arçelik's production sites.

In our Arçelik Entrepreneurship Workshops, we convene accomplished speakers in the field with women entrepreneurs to provide practical knowledge and case studies focused on addressing the prevalent challenges that entrepreneurs frequently encounter.

SHE Leads is an entrepreneurship-focused networking platform for female university students in Ankara, developed in collaboration with Arçelik, Ankara Development Agency, and TED University.

Innovation Boosters Program purpose is building a community of domain expert facilitators that will support the cultural change for innovation.

Garage Innovation Hub is carrying out the Innovation Champions Mentorship Program in cooperation with Mentors Network Turkey which gathers many national and global companies from different industries, with the objective of supporting Startups.

Innovation Champions Program aim is to create a community that will lead the cultural change about innovation and entrepreneurship with different company participants. The program supports innovation ecosystem through mentoring, establishing relationships and potential collaborations with startups. To create such a community and ensure cultural change Program contains different trainings & events series.

We concentrate on accessibility issues at home and in the public sphere in this online event, which is sponsored by Garage Innovation Hub and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We use AWS Services to solve challenges and build new concepts.

“A Ticket For Your Future” program, which is carried out to create career opportunities for students studying at prestigious universities in the world and to contribute to the prevention of brain drain.

The online pre-acceleration program is exclusive for the teams that are eligible to participate with the projects they submitted after the Hack the Normal Sustainability hackathon.

Empowering ideas for a positive impact on people and the planet ! A three-day hackathon to encourage unique ideas and build practical solutions around climate change, water management, and circular economy.

“Mentorship Program with Innovation Champions” is a program that creates opportunity for startups to receive quality-mentoring from experts in their fields, get opportunity to validate your startup's value proposition and at the end of the of the program startup had chance to develop cooperation.

How can we use technology to create positive impacts for sustainable living and economic development in Africa?

How can we have a positive impact on the "new normal" living at home that the COVID-19 crisis has brought into our lives?

It is a hardware-oriented startup acceleration program that Arçelik Garage carried out in the 2019-2020 period.

BiGG3 provides a unique program experience for those who apply to TÜBİTAK's 1512 techno-entrepreneurship Capital Support Program for a 450,000 TL techno-entrepreneurship grant.

“Mentorship Program with Innovation Champions” is a program that creates opportunity for startups to receive quality-mentoring from certified experts in their fields, reach potential B2B customers and develop cooperation

BIGG Arçelik Garage is a hardware-oriented startup acceleration program that offers new ventures for the house of the future the opportunity to benefit from Arçelik's technical and sectoral know-how, as well as receive support of up to 200 thousand TL free of charge from TUBITAK.